Dr. Bera-Miller was a game changer for my son and good health. He had a complex and chronic set of symptoms. He has been living with illness for several years. She was able to diagnose his symptoms after several physicians were unable to pinpoint the correlation of conditions. Her thoroughness as a medical and holistic physician has given him the breakthrough to his good health. She looks at the whole person spending time and reviewing all symptoms and solutions. We have had the privilege of working with her for two years... and my son is now living a healthier, symptom free life. We are so happy and would highly recommend her. She is a 6* physician!!!
We cannot thank her enough, and her staff is amazing as well!!
The team at Pacific Integrative and Functional Medicine is nothing short of amazing. My fiance has been very ill for many years, and we have been to a series of doctors, labs, and holistic practitioners who were unable to help. From our first visit with Dr. Bera-Miller, we found her so kind, attentive, and to be an excellent listener. She took her time with us, coaching us through the steps we need to take, and guess what? We are seeing real results. I am so grateful to have found these people. They are true healers in every sense of the word. Dr. Bera-Miller, Karen, and Benjamin, thank you for all you do. I would easily recommend your services to anyone. We are finally on a true path to wellness! THANK YOU!!
–Regards, Dustin Hodges
“I’ve been going to Dr Bera-Miller for a year and a half, for evaluation and treatment of diabetes, hypertension, and chronic fatigue syndrome. She’s been of great help! My blood sugars and hemoglobin A1c are improved, blood pressure a bit better, and fatigue much better. She and her office have always been kind, helpful, and informative. She has great support in Susan Blanc, Rashana, and Karen.
I started seeing Dr. Bera-Miller about 2 years ago when I began to have a cascade of health problems with which my regular PCP just could not seem to help me. I had excruciating joint pain, increasing severe allergic responses to everything I ate, panic attacks, fatigue, nerve pain/numbness among many other puzzling symptoms. With the help of Dr. Bera-Miller’s personal and holistic approach I completed labs that no other doctor had ordered, found a new cause for my symptoms and began a diet, supplement and mind/body plan that has totally turned my health around and allowed me to have a normal life again. Dr. Bera-Miller has the tools and knowledge that regular Western practitioners have not had access to in their medical education. You will find her approach kind and personal while being totally grounded in the latest scientific research of integrative medicine. Even my regular PCP at Kaiser has totally supported and been impressed with the care I have received with Dr. Bera-Miller.
–Fiona, Orinda
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Bera-Miller’s for almost 2 years and she’s helped me resolve many of the chronic symptoms I’d been unable to alleviate even though I already had an excellent and caring team of MDs including my PCP, gynecologist, infectious disease MD, and acupuncturist. I had classic Babesia (Lyme co-infection) symptoms for well over a year until I was properly diagnosed and treated, before I came to Dr. Bera-Miller. She has since helped resolve many of my lingering symptoms along with other inflammatory and hormonal issues that I’d struggled with for years. Unfortunately our medical and insurance system is not geared towards the type of care provided by holistic Functional Medicine (nor is it covered as in-network). It’s a true gift to have comprehensive non-rushed appointments with Dr. Bera-Miller, who considers both the physical and emotional, listens without judgment, is able to collaborate on recommendations for what I feel I can manage, and is always willing to answer the many questions I bring to each appointment.
–TJ, Oakland
I have been under Dr. Bera-Miller’s care for over 2 years. Her clinical expertise coupled with a holistic approach has been a perfect fit for me. She has helped me balance my hormones through saliva testing, homeopathic supplements, dietary modifications and informative visits. This type of care is not a “quick fix” or “one size fits all” approach. Dr. Bera-Miller commits to offering a customized program for each patient. Besides getting back to feeling fabulous and balanced, I have learned that our bodies can become lazy at producing key hormones when relying on pharmaceutical medications. The key is to get our bodies to boost its own authentic hormone production by natural homeopathic supplementation. Thank you Dr. Bera-Miller for being a life saver!
–Andrina, Benicia
Last year I was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease, and six months ago I began seeing Dr. Bera-Miller in addition to my other doctors. Dr. Bera-Miller takes a very different perspective on health and medicine than traditional doctors, and she immediately began investigating the potential “big picture” causes of my condition, rather than simply trying to treat the immediate symptoms. She ordered a few different lab tests and ultimately recommended several supplements and diet changes that I believe have have led to major improvements in my symptoms and my overall health. I would recommend Dr. Bera-Miller very highly to anyone seeking a different perspective on their health and wellness and particularly to those patients with conditions that have a variety of potential causes and do not always respond well to traditional medical treatment.
–J, Lafayette
For 25 years (as old as my “baby”) I have struggled with my weight. You name the program and I’ve done it. Nothing was successful until I started with Dr. Bera-Miller in January. She was definitely the “key” that I was missing. I have lost over 50 lbs and know that I could never have done this without Dr. Bera-Miller’s help. She lacks the arrogance of a lot of doctors, is an excellent listener and extremely helpful in a firm but very gentle way. She’s very knowledgeable, competent and encouraging. I have more weight to lose but for the first time, with Dr. Bera-Miller’s help, I feel that I can finally be in control of my weight. I am very happy to recommend Dr. Bera-Miller.
–Valerie, Moraga
I started seeing Dr. Bera-Miller in January 2009. I had gained 90 pounds over the last 10 years. I could not believe it and what had I done to myself. Over the next five months, both my father and father in law passed away, my father over a long three month battle that kept me traveling off and on for seven weeks. I had very little time to concentrate on my weight loss. But through it all, Dr. Bera-Miller never gave up on me and 10 pounds had dropped off. Through what was the worst five months of my life, I had lost weight, not gained. I got serious in the beginning of June, and now three months later I am down 32 pounds in total, have lost over 10% of my weight and am more motivated than ever. Dr. Bera-Miller has taught me the correct balance of protein in what I eat, how to log what I eat in a simple way that is not a burden, to listen to myself and what motivates me, to tackle upcoming hurdles that have always been my downfall and most of all, if I mess up one day, don’t give up, keep going. She is a huge inspiration. You too can do this - this is not a diet, this is your life and a new way of looking at it.

Success Story

Reflux Gone, Energy and Libido Back

by Nathalie Bera-Miller, MD

AB is a 51 year old woman with whom I worked for almost one year. She came to me with endoscopy-diagnosed esophagitis and gastritis (biopsy negative for celiac disease and H.pylori). She also complained of stress, insomnia and menopausal symptoms (no hot flashes but low libido and vaginal dryness). Her primary care doctor wanted her to take antacids and her ENT doctor recommended that she start Xanax. She did not want to take medications and so found me.

On her first visit we discussed doing a cleanse/elimination diet with various supplements (including probiotics) to support her gut, beginning a daily meditative routine, and also drawing some labs. On her first return visit, she had improved in her sleep (needing melatonin only occasionally), energy and esophageal symptoms. She also discovered that she was sensitive to oats and almonds (causing headaches – she had been eating these frequently for breakfast and snacks, respectively), and dairy and wine hindered her sleep and caused some heart palpitations (EKG and cardiac evaluation were normal).

Her labs with me revealed that she had a high glucose/HgA1C level. So we discussed some continued food eliminations as well as ways to further decrease her blood sugar levels through both dietary and mind-body ways. We also discussed the addition of maca, to support libido, and some detoxification support. She implemented these dietary and supplement recommendations and started using the emwave2 device I showed her. 

She returned with improved libido but still some vaginal dryness and food sensitivities. Because she had some persistent food sensitivities we did some additional testing which revealed a slight parasite and yeast infection and so we added an herbal anti microbial.

I also advised her to start some bioidentical estrogen vaginal cream for her vaginal dryness. At her final visit with me, her gut troubles and vaginal dryness were completely resolved, and her HgA1C had normalized. She was very happy to be enjoying an active symptom-free life with her husband and family.