Loss, Healing and Renewal by Nathalie Bera-Miller, MD

My father died August 2015 at the age of 87 years old after eight long difficult months of gradual decline dotted by four hospitalizations. His heart and kidneys were too weak to continue despite the maximum medical therapy he requested. My support system  - my husband and family, close friends, and a very trusted insightful therapist – has helped me immensely in navigating the waters of my father’s last months.  I started to grieve the loss of my father as I knew him in mid-December last year when he had a big slide in health, however his death of course brought finality to the loss. As I’ve surrendered to and accepted the process of losing one’s father I’ve realized that though his body is gone, his spirit lives on in me and others whose lives he touched as a stained glass artist, a husband, a father, a grandfather, and a friend.  I’ve lost my father but I’ve gained a heightened awareness of who I am because of him. I’ve realized again, and perhaps more strongly now than ever before, that with death or other significant loss or change there can also be significant growth if only one feels, listens, looks, and allows it to be.  And so it is.

Time for Some Internal “Spring Cleaning”! by Susan Blanc, NC

Throughout history, people have greeted the appearance of spring greens with wild exuberance after the heaviness of winter food and the scarcity of fresh vegetables. This provided a natural liver cleanse in tune with the season. Thankfully, today we have access to vegetables all year round, but we have more reason than ever to plan a regular, focused cleanse and healing period. Spring and fall are the best times to give this good care to yourself.