Yoga is a loving, life lifting, practice to help us slow down enough to be present with Life.  

The practice of yoga helps us remember our True Nature which is gentle, patient, loving, trusting, kind and stress-free.  Practicing meditation, pranayama (breath awareness exercises), asana (physical postures), and healthy eating habits consistently has the ability to: Improve concentration, focus and mental clarity, reduce stress, depression, and anxiety, release endorphins which helps stabilize mood and increases feelings of well-being ( all of which help reduce the effects of traumatic experiences and even helps prevent the onset of mental health conditions), improves quality of one's sleep, improves mental and physical flexibility, strengthens and tones muscles, reduces pain in joints, back, arthritis, migraine headaches, and muscle soreness, improves lung capacity and stabilizes breathing, lowers blood pressure and and also lowers cortisol levels, regulates metabolism and greatly improves digestion, and balances the hormonal system, to name a few fantastic mental and physical health benefits!