Education & Peer Support Group


Research shows that strong social connections help us to heal faster, maintain stronger immunity, lift mood and generally lead to a longer, healthier life. In this spirit, we host an educational peer support group. It is called “Blossom” to reflect our mission to help you thrive and achieve your best state of health, happiness and living your life’s purpose!

Whether you are learning how to follow a therapeutic diet for conditions such as diabetes, digestive problems, autoimmune disease, cancer or other conditions or just wanting to improve your lifestyle choices to support optimal health, chances are very good that you will improve your success (and enjoy the journey more!) if you share and learn from others.

Each session will provide a combination of education (provided by our team members and invited guest speakers) and also support, including time for participants to share challenges as well as insights and tips to learn from each other.

Topics are:

  • Making it Happen: Key Tips for Making & Sustaining Lifestyle Changes

  • Rising Above: Building Stress Resilience

  • Harnessing the Power of Food, and Detoxification

  • Optimizing Sleep for Healing

  • Movement for Fun, Energy, and Health

  • Connections: Healing and Health through Relationships & Community

For more information, contact our Blossom Coordinator Susan Benke at 925-658-0661 and/or your practitioner(s) at Pacific Integrative and Functional Medicine.

We hope to see you there!


Feedback (from past participants re: how the Blossom Group helped them)


"Created a number of new healthy habits including mindful eating, sleep routine, walking in the morning, and breathing techniques for stress management."

"Being in a group of like minded people."

"Discovering wonderful new and varied practitioners as a resource."

"The classes helped me regroup, let go in some areas, and find new purpose and clarity."

"Appreciative of other modalities especially help with sleep and stress resilience."

Date & Time

1st, 3rd, 5th Fridays of the month at                  12 - 1:15pm  (10/5/18 - 12/7/18)

RSVP by 9/28/18

NBM: If you would like to participate in the Blossom group but cannot make it this Fall, just let Sue Benke know and she will keep you on a list for our next group Spring 2019.


$270 - includes six sessions, handouts, participation/support in the Blossom Facebook group, nutritional treats


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