Andrea Willoughby is a Massage Therapist and Therapeutic Touch practitioner.

Andrea Willoughby is a Massage Therapist and Therapeutic Touch practitioner.

Andrea Willoughby, Therapeutic Touch Practitioner and Massage Therapist

Andrea Willoughby, a Massage Therapist and Therapeutic Touch practitioner, specializes in helping people release stress-related interference from the body, mind, and central nervous system.  Stress patterns can cause people pain, illness, and emotional symptoms.  Andrea's gentle, proven, hands-on techniques are comprised primarily of Therapeutic Touch, Intuitive Massage and Muscle Therapies, and Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique  (B.E.S.T.).

Andrea pursued her career in the health field, when her own health was failing.  She researched different healing modalities, and sought help from various professionals, trying to determine the cause of her health decline.  Ultimately, she found strategies and techniques that helped turn around her illness and put her on the road to feeling good again.  Andrea loves working with people who may be on a similar journey, and sharing her depth of understanding so that they too can get back on track to a better life.

Originally, graduating with honors from San Jose State University with a B.S. in Business, Andrea also minored in German. She still has a love of languages, currently studying German, French, Spanish and Italian.  She worked for many years in the business world, before evolving into the health field.  

Andrea's health discovery process led her to study the BioEnergeticSynchronizationTechnique (B.E.S.T.) with chiropractor and B.E.S.T. founder, Dr. MT Morter Jr.  Andrea excelled, becoming a Master B.E.S.T. Practitioner.  During that time, she added massage studies at the World School of Massage in Pleasanton, and maintains the California State Certificate as a Massage Practitioner. Over the years, she learned additional techniques, including Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, and CranioSacral Therapy.  Both Therapeutic Touch and B.E.S.T. have independent research available to show they provide consistent, proven results; they are both known to gently and effectively release acute and chronic stress-related symptoms from the body. In the Integrative Medicine community, such practices are also utilized to help individuals heal emotional wounds and traumas.  

For those new to this transformational work, Andrea offers a monthly, complimentary 30-minute group information session, plus time for questions.  In her presentation, she explains in detail the fascinating process of how various sources of stress patterns get stored in our bodies, what we can do to eliminate them, and how to avoid adding new ones.

In addition to travel adventures, Andrea loves being with family and friends; she is married and has three boys, the youngest still at home.  She enjoys cooking, walking, hiking, yoga, reading, and learning new things.